In this episode we look at which team you should support and the kind of things we look for when making that decision. We also take a guess at who will win the championship in 2020 and make other predictions, topped off with all the latest news and developments in Superpesis.

To learn more about the teams, check out the blog posts that correspond with this episode:

An interview with the newly appointed content creator for SiiPe, who shares his experience of the club and exciting new content coming soon!

A look at the game in more depth, including what equipment you need to play. The podcast also looks in depth at the rules and how the roles of players in pesis compare to other bat and ball games like cricket and baseball.

Welcome to the first ever podcast about Pesäpallo in English. Pesäpallo (also known as Pesis) is Finland’s national sport; a bat and ball game like baseball.

In this show we meet the podcasters and talk about how we became Pesäpallo fans. This episode also looks briefly at what Pesäpallo is and covers the latest news in Superpesis.